Installation & Maintenance

Lights, Switches & Powerpoints
Whatever look you want to achieve, we can install functional and stylish lighting to make your home come to life. From push-button switches with LED indicators to fan and dimmer controls. We can supply and fit any combination of lights, switches and powerpoints to meet your home technology needs.
Ceiling & Ventilation Fans
Ceiling fans are an energy efficient way of cooling your home, while ventilation fans are essential to mininising moisture and humidity in and under your house. We can provide a range of fan and ventilation solutions for your property including sub-floor fans.
Kitchen Appliances
If you are remodelling your kitchen or just updating the kitchen appliances, we can install and connect everything from ovens to rangehoods.
Outdoor Electrical
We can install a wide selection of weatherproof switches which are designed to operate outdoors in direct weather, while offering unparalleled protection and safety.
Bathroom Lighting & Heating
Update the look and feel of your bathroom with a clever and convenitent 3 in 1 heat, fan and light. Everything you need in the bathroom in one unit.

Electrical Wiring

New Circuts
If you’ve added a new higher capacity appliances, then your power needs may have increased. It may be necessary to upgrade the power capacity of your electrical circuits or add new circuts to your home or office. We can inspect and test the capacity of your electrical circuts and advise you on what best suits your needs.
Rewire Existing
Older wiring was not designed for modern appliances and may not meet today’s safety and quality standards. Additionally, faulty or older wiring can present a range of safety risks including fire and electrocution. We can rewire your home and bring it up to modern standards.
New Builds, Extensions & Granny Flats
Weather your building a new home, adding an extension or a granny flat, we can advise you on and install the appropriate wiring and fittings to meet your needs and budget.
Smoke Detectors
Smoke detectors work best when they are wired into the electrical system with a backup battery for emergencies. We can install smoke detectors in your home to maximise your safety.


Switchboards and Circut Breakers
Did you know old ceramic fuses with rewireable fuses are dangerous and do not comply with current standards? We specialise in Switchboard Upgrades, we can replace your dangerous old fuses with a new electrical switchboard, Residual Current Devices and circuit breakers.
Residual Current Devices (RCDs)
The high level of protection offered by Residual Current Devices,commonly known as a 'Safety Switch' is well documented. RCDs are now mandatory in every new home and workplace. We can install, test and update the RCDs in your home, office or workshop.
Surge protectors
Surge Protectors direct surges and spikes away from your valuable electronic equipment. A superior and cost effective surge protection solution that will protect all your appliances valuable electronic devices such as televisions, home theatre systems, computers, gaming consoles and whitegoods.

Level 2

Meter Board Upgrades
Mid Mountains Electrical can carry out all meter board services including:
- Meter removal and installation
- Service Fuse installation
- OP relay installation
- Removal of asbestos planels
- 3 phase upgrades

Mid Mountains Electrial offer a complete range of electrical installation, maintenance and repairs.